Ultrasound and X-ray for Pets

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At Osgoode Veterinary Services, we have a digital radiology (X-ray) unit and an ultrasound unit too. Radiography is the most common and readily available imaging test in veterinary practice. It is used to evaluate the size and shape of organs, demonstrate broken bones, as well as evaluate for some foreign objects, fluid accumulations and many more abnormalities. It is also the most affordable imaging test, and is often the first diagnostic imaging test recommended. Ultrasound is useful for evaluating the structure of organs such as the liver, spleen, bladder or kidneys. For advanced ultrasounds for more complicated conditions, we work with a travelling specialist who can be scheduled to see your pet here at our clinic.

How do you use X-ray and radiology services at your hospital?

Your pet is positioned underneath the machines to scan and examine a specific area of their body. These scans are most commonly used to scan for broken bones and even for conditions such as pneumonia and breast cancer.

Does the clinic also do feline dental X-rays?

Yes, we also conduct dental X-rays for kittens and cats.

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